Acryl - 2D Graphics Framework

Over the past several months I've been working on a new framework called Acryl. Acryl, basically, is an overhaul of the old Jupiter 2D framework I've worked on in the past. There's various improvements with Acryl including platform based code(system info, etc). You can find the Github URL available here. I'm developing various projects using it so it's still in the development phase. Please read the README to understand how to compile and use Acryl on your platform(Windows and Linux, may not compile on Mac)

Paradigm Shift: Red Shift(C++)

Paradigm Shift is a top down action game based on my tile engine called BlackRock. You increase in accuracy as you fire certain weapons with good aim. You shoot better and faster if you have a weapon that isn't damaged, or the weapon is upgraded. Weapon damage will have an impact on how a weapon will fire. Damaged guns may become jammed, and may not work until they're fixed at a workbench.

The game also has NPCs that use cameras, motion detectors, lazers, and multiple other devices to attack you.

Paradgim Shift is Cancelled

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