Over the past several years I've been working on my(own) personal projects. I have done a large number of projects over the years, so many that I've lost count!

A-lot of the projects that I have created were in Microsoft's XNA Framework using C# and Microsoft .NET under Windows XP. Most of them were platformers, RPGs, or click games.

Now everything is done in C++, because in my opinion using software that limits platform compatibility isn't fair to the users that run on other platforms. Using C# and .NET everything is limited to Microsoft Windows. Don't get me wrong, Windows is decent, but only supporting one platform causes problems with users on other platforms. There is Mono, which is C# on Mac and Linux(Unity uses it), it's possible to get a Windows App to compile on Linux or Mac using Mono unless you're using a proprietary library such as DirectX, Direct Draw, XNA, etc.

It's how I feel when I see a good program or games that only support Windows, when there's other platforms out there that could run it better, but that are not supported. Visual Studio Ultimate is near $5, 000 USD, meanwhile an IDE such as NetBeans or Code-Blocks is 100% free and performs better if not the same. A lot of Open Source IDEs(Integrated Development Environments) have tools for team collaboration, such as GIT, Subversion, or various other utilities.. 

Not to mention g++, or gcc(The Linux compilers, can also be found by installing MinGW on Windows) allows building with as many threads as cores your processor has. Speeding up the process! It takes me 4 seconds to compile a project of 88 files on my AMD FX 8350 Vishera CPU.

I'm a software engineer for Linux, and Windows. But I prefer to write programs for Linux, and if I feel I should write it to run on Microsoft Windows, I will write the code to make it run. Otherwise user(s) will have to recompile it from source on Windows in order to use it.

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