My name is Kuromaru(黒丸 or BlackDot in English). I have been a computer programmer ever since late 2006-2007, I was about  10-12 years old when I started taking up programming. I always thought computer programming was something unique, and it was like putting blocks together -- in a way.. it sort of is! It's segments of objects stacked on top of each-other to create an entirely new object.

Started from C# when I was young and migrated to C++ on Linux and started writing code for the open source community. Most of the code I wrote was using OpenGL and SFML 2.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 10.04 LTS. Most projects were not able to get finished sadly due to computer crashes, server malfunctions, or some other sort of problem.  

Since I had a lot of knowledge of C#, learning C++ was easier with a bit of trial and error and experimentation with project source files. Since I already knew a lot of programming logic.

I am also an IT and Electronics Technician who works with Networking, and Electronics. I repair computers and other hardware. Need advice? Send me an email when you have time. It may take me up to 24 hours to a week to reply depending on what I am doing.

A list of projects that I have worked on can be found at my project archive page.

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